Easily customize a dunnage rack to your specifications

Specifications & Additional Information

Our dunnage racks are made from 2” x 2” square 6061-T6 airplane grade aluminum. The wall thickness is 0.125”. Aluminum is the premium material for dunnage racks. Dunnage racks need to be able to hold heavy weight, abuse from banging and dropping items on them, and all types of storage conditions. They also need to be manageable and lightweight enough to quickly move into position without compromising durability. Aluminum is the ideal choice for both of the above scenarios. Our dunnage racks can be built any width, length or height. As the size increases our dunnage rack design experts may add additional bars than what is seen in the picture to properly support and distribute the weight.

Wide Dunnage Rack

The dunnage racks we build can be used in freezers, outdoors, marine environments, dry storage, or any other location requiring storage racking. The aluminum is left uncoated in most uses however we offer a durable commercial powder coating option for color coding your inventory.

Our standard dunnage racks can support a max weight of 3200 lbs. Each unit is welded on all joints and is built in the USA. Our leg cuts are done flush and square to the top rectangle of the dunnage rack instead of at an angle to increase the weight support and decrease stress on the welds. Our design allows for the load to rest on the material and minimally on the welds, other designs have the welds supporting all the weight by cutting the legs at a 45 and the top frame also at a 45 and welding them together. Each dunnage rack comes with a 2 year warranty against defect.